The Way Forward: Balloon-Enabled RedCross Workshop


As part of the conference, keynote Pablo Suarez, Associate Director of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre presents The Way Forward, a quest to collectively construct a large solar hot air balloon made of plastic bags that would otherwise be trash.

THE WAY FORWARD: Balloon-Enabled RedCross Workshop

Co-creating wonder-producing artwork from a pernicious source of waste – the plastic bag – produces a powerful experience for all communities threatened by a changing climate. It attracts viewers and offers a means to re-imagine the world and its possibilities. The proposed crowd-made solar hot air balloon can be used as part of participatory processes to explore climate change science, adaptation, and mitigation. A flying solar balloon can promote resilience in any local context, offering local media a simple story for reporting community efforts in understanding and addressing climate change.


ASU alumni and artist Bobby Zokaites will lead a drop-in workshop on 25 and 26 March at Arizona State University room (TBA). The workshop participants will actively construct this 30-foot hot air balloon, so come for a day or just an hour to help realize this project! Contact Bobby


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