Using water to spark opportunities from the debris of ecocide.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.07.45 PMAs part of the Balance/Unbalance 2015 Conference, Latorica Studio presents a 2-day transdisciplinary quest, a re-imagining of our environmental crises as opportunities for transformation toward earth-centred paradigms.

When: Wed 25 March & Thurs 26 March; 9am -3pm

Who: Facilitated by Creative Ecologist, Ilka Blue Nelson

Where: ASU Art Museum, ASU Tempe campus

Fee: $50 covers both days including lunch and refreshments. Places limited to 12 participants — early registration recommended.

Requirements: Participants are not required to possess specific experience or skills, but will need openness, alacrity, and be eager for the challenge of a 2-day quest. After registering, participants will be sent three readings to consider and asked to find one object, prior to the workshop.


“Indeed, there are two possible attitudes towards the severe Poly-crisis’ of the present, 1…]: either we chose to remain prisoners inside the ‘double-binds’ of the simplibing binary thinking, the comfortable inertia that can lead to self-destruction, or we dare to convert the crisis into an opportunity to go beyond the frustrating contradictions and double-

binds and to discover the marvellous complexity of our Reality.” (Morin quoted in Dincᾰ)


This workshop engages complexity, ruptures the linear and rational, and reaches into the unknown. As a group, we’ll aim to map out a blueprint for re-enchantment: we’ll be focussing specifically on `governance’; how do we re-enchant governing bodies/systems/structures toward an earth-centred paradigm which holds fluid respect for the Other. This is about discovering “the marvellous complexity of our Reality” (ibid.).


Practically, the workshop will employ several creative exercises, walking and dialogue sessions. Guided by transdisciplinary thinking, we’ll immerse ourselves in a 2-day mythological quest, using water as our central metaphor — the elixir of life. The aim of the workshop is to produce a piece that can be presented to governing bodies (such as the United Nations, National or State Environmental Departments, Companies and Communities), as a blueprint for working on the ground with complexity and in respect of the Other.


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.14.22 PM

“In the long way towards yourself, you should rather explore the Other with the infinite of [their] being.”
(Nicolescu quoted in Dincᾰ.).


9-11 Finding the Gateway
Gathering & Introductions
Quest preparation – creative practices
Telling of stories
9-10 The Return Journey
Mapping our return — creative practices
1112 Crossing the Threshold
Walking dialogue on transdisciplinarity
10-12 Meeting the SacredSilent walking & creative ‘writing’!mark-making sessions
12-1pm Lunch 12-1pm Lunch
1-3 Finding the Boon
Water as re-enchantment:
creative practices & dialogue sessions
1-2 Magical FlightSketching the blueprint
complexity mapping exercise
2-3 Sharing the Adventure
Dialogue session



Inspired by one of the main goals of transdisciplinarity, ‘an awakening of consciousness’, this workshop will be a creative-knowledge-outcome-based investigation into the opportunity for water to be our re-enchantment. It is possible that the future of human potential will be determined most explicitly, by how (well) we relate with water: culturally (/politically), biologically, and spiritually.

The 2 day workshop brings together a maximum of 12 participants, ideally with diverse/different ‘knowledge’, who will work collectively to produce a ‘poetic’ piece exemplifying the transdisciplinary vision toward the ‘unity of human knowledge’. The workshop itself will be practice-led, incorporating creative, walking and dialogue sessions, which are grounded in the transdisciplinary principles of rigour, open-mindedness and tolerance. The


final materiality and content of the poetic piece, will be determined by the intersections of participants and workshop practices. However, the piece will be framed within the ‘Charter of Transdisciplinarity’ and have the specific objective of re-imagining our global environmental crisis as an opportunity for transformation toward an earth-centred paradigm (whether manifested as interior or exterior realities).


My name is Ilka Blue Nelson. I do not belong to a watershed but come from generations of wanderers. As a Creative Ecologist I work at the intersections of cultural 8c biological diversity, particularly favoring river locales. My work is typical of an ecologist in that I am concerned with ecosystems as a whole, and work at restoring relationships within and between systems. My new studio, Latorica (, seeks methods for strengthening ecological health and deterring ecocide through reenchantment.I have a transdisciplinary, dialogic and experiential practice, informed by Mythology, systems thinking and the Sacred. I like working in respect of the Other and writing is my preferred wand. You can follow my adventures and rummage through my words at where you’ll also find my thesis Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene: a quest through the crisis of ecocide toward new ecological paradigm.

‘ The title is from the introduction in Basarab Nicolescu’s ‘Manifesto of Transdisciplinarity’

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