Keynote Speaker – Alvin Curran

We are excited to announce that Alvin Curran will be a Keynote speaker at Balance-Unbalance 2015.

biophoto_curranAlvin Curran is an internationally renowned and award-winning American composer who has received much recognition for compositions involving unconventional instruments, unusual performance situations and sites, and live-electronic improvisations.

As part of Balance-Unbalance 2015, Curran will give a keynote and direct one of his signature compositions Maritime Rites on Tempe Town Lake on 27 March. It is a site-specific work to be performed on and near bodies of water, harbors, rivers, or lakes, featuring musicians in boats as well as sounds of water, ship horns, bird song and other acoustic properties of the outdoor environment. Maritime Rites exists in many different versions and has been adapted to many beautiful sites all over the world, such as lakes in Rome, Berlin, New York City’s Central Park and in Chicago, rivers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Sydney Harbour and now in the desert setting of Tempe, Arizona.

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