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Public Transport


The Valley Metro Light Rail also goes downtown; see their website for times/locations—a couple of blocks’ walk from the 3rd St./Washington and 3rd St/Jefferson light rail stations (Washington for westbound, Jefferson for eastbound)

-1 ride, $2; all-day pass, $4



Also valley metro bus routes: visit for information, routes, purchasing fare online, etc.


ASU Shuttle Bus Services – Inter-Campus:

The Maroon Route runs:Tempe/Down Town Phoenix Campus/West campuses

From Tempe campus to Downtown Phoenix ASU campus: it stops at 7th St., N of Grant St., once an hour at 50 minutes past (7:50, 8:50, etc.)—these are the express shuttles. Runs 6am-11:30pm

 -It departs from Forest Ave. and Lemon St. on the Tempe campus
-No cost (free)
-Weekend Maroon Shuttle only stops at Central, N of Polk, every hour at the half-hour (8:30,   9:30, etc.); runs 8am-8pm

Maroon Shuttle Schedule

Maroon Shuttle Weekend Schedule

There is also a Gold Route: Tempe/Polytechnic campuses

There are FLASH shuttles that navigate the Tempe campus, available 7:00 am-1:00 am M-Th and 7:00 am-10:00 pm F (not available on weekends); please view website and link to PDF map for stops; run about every 10-15 minutes (free)

Tempe FLASH map


Volunteer to be part of Maritime Rites performance


Imagine a performance of 100 musicians on Tempe Town Lake – well now you can be part of it?

Sign up  TODAY, to be part of an historic Performance of Maritime Rites directed by Alvin Curran on Tempe Town lake on March 27 at 3:30PM

We need Brass, Woodwind and percussion players – 50 in total

We need 40 Pedal boat drivers to drive the musicians around the lake. Please see the other sheet to volunteer as a driver.

Rehearsals will take place with Alvin Curran on ASU Tempe campus in Gammage room 209:
Wednesday 03/25 6-7 PM and
Thursday 03/26 5:30-6:30 PM
Please be there and ready to start playing at these times.

PIZZA will be served at the end of the second rehearsal so you can chat with Alvin.

Sign up Today

Inspiring Events

Imagine a concert involving 100 musicians in the middle of Tempe Town Lake with famous composer Alvin Curran.

A hot air balloon constructed from recycled shopping bags launched by Pablo Suarez, the Associate Director of the Red Cross-Red Crescent Climate Research Centre.

An acoustic ecology workshop with the American Society of Acoustic Ecology in Beaver Creek Biosphere Reserve.

This is just a small selection of the events coming to Arizona State University this month (March 27-29) for Balance-Unbalance 2015, the fifth annual international conference that looks to art as a catalyst for exploring the intersections between nature, science, technology and society.

The conference program features more than 150 papers, panels, performances, exhibitions and other activities, which will investigate sustainability and environmental issues through the arts, science, technology and local and global communities with the goal of exploring emerging intersections as a platform for developing trans-disciplinary solutions to unprecedented ecological challenges. Trans-disciplinary thought and projects will serve as tools for bringing about greater and wide-ranging ecological awareness in communities and more advanced sustainability practices through innovative art and technology. Several of the events are also open to the public.

In addition, of specific interest to you and your colleagues will be a workshop by Gary Lawrence, Senior Sustainability Officer for AECOM titled: Designing Resilient Communities: The Choice to Stay.

This 2 days workshop is a unique hands on workshop with the objective of developing a new framework for decision making that recognizes city planning is first and foremost a social and political problem – not simply a design problem. The workshop is being hosted at GIOS on March 25-26.

Spread the word!!

Future Energy Research and Design Storm

The Future Energy Research and Design Storm is a 2-day workshop on March 25/26 in Phoenix Arizona.

What: To investigate pressing energy issues facing the Phoenix area and the US Southwest, and to use research and design thinking to generate ideas for potential sustainable solutions. This workshop is designed for interested conference participants and an interdisciplinary group of college students from ASU and the University of New Mexico.

Who: The workshop will be facilitated by Megan Halpern (ASU), Dan Collins (ASU) and Andrea Polli (The University of New Mexico) with students from ASU and The University of New Mexico

Time for action – Balance-Unbalance early-bird registration closes Friday February 20 

Rekindlers of hope

Balance-Unbalance 2015 has started to roll out the conference workshops.  Come early and learn some skills and transform your perspective on climate change.

One of the workshops added to the website today is Transdisciplinary workshop – Rekindlers of hope facilitated by Creative Ecologist, Ilka Blue Nelson

This workshop engages complexity, ruptures the linear and rational, and reaches into the unknown. As a group, we’ll aim to map out a blueprint for re-enchantment: we’ll be focussing specifically on `governance’; how do we re-enchant governing bodies/systems/structures toward an earth-centred paradigm which holds fluid respect for the Other. This is about discovering “the marvellous complexity of our Reality” .



Conference Early Bird Registration Closes February 20.

Niyanta Spelman – Keynote


We are thrilled to have Niyanta Spelman giving a keynote and running a workshop at Balance-Unbalance 2015. Niyanta is the founder and executive director of Rainforest Partnership whose missions is to  protect tropical rainforests by partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation. The Rainforest Partnerships visions is for a world in which tropical rainforests thrive and support a balanced, healthy planet.

They have developed unique approaches to empowering local communities and we hope to be able to have some members of those communities also present at the conference.

read more…

Eve Mosher – Keynote

30_35_chalklinemosher_zEve Mosher is an artist and interventionist living and working in New York City.

Her works use investigations of the landscape as starting points for audience exploration of urban issues, specifically, issues of involvement in the environment, public/private space use, history of place, cultural and social issues and our own understanding of the urban ecosystem. Current work includes her role as artist/facilitator in which she brings together diverse knowledge to spur creative outcomes with regional impact.
In early 2006, Eve began producing large-scale projects that occur in public space and engaged the audience directly regarding specific urban issues. Her work (such as High Water Line) utilizes art and performance to increase knowledge and understanding around environmental and social issues. Each projects goal is to create a space for participants to have a shared experience from which they learn and continue to share beyond the scope of the initial project.
Her work has been profiled in international media including the The New Yorker, New York Times, ARTnews, Miami Herald, L’uomo Vogue, and Le Monde. Her public and community based artworks have received grants from New York State Council on the Arts and New York Department of Cultural Affairs, both through the Brooklyn Arts Council, and The City Parks Foundation.

Keynote Speaker – Pablo Suarez

We are excited to announce

 Pablo Suarez is the Associate Director for Research and Innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, as well as visiting fellow at Boston University, research scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria, and faculty member at University of Lugano (Switzerland) and University College London (UK).
He has consulted for the UN Development Programme, the World Food Programme, the World Bank, Oxfam America, and about twenty other international humanitarian and development organizations, working in more than 50 countries. read more…

Conference Hotels available


registrationConference hotel rates
have been released on the Balance-Unbalance 2015 website.

Please note that you should book as soon as possible.  There are several large sports events happening at the same time as the conference in addition to the Tempe Arts Festival – so many hotels close to ASU are already book out.

Rooms are being held on a first-come, first-served basis