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Designing Resilient Communities: The Choice to Stay

Announcing an exciting workshop at the Balance-Unbalance 2105 Conference – registration is now open

The Choice to Stay

2 Day workshop Lead by Gary Lawrence,  AECOM

resilient communities


Sea levels are rising, temperatures are increasing, water shortages are an increasing risk and extreme weather events are becoming more common. All of these climate change consequences, framed in the variables of time and degree, have impacts on the health and safety of our societies, ecosystems and the stability of our economies. Can anyone really say that they fully understand the present let alone the future? How, given uncertainty, do we best address risk in a manner that optimizes the value of our investments and maximizes community energy on a coherent path to create a future we would prefer to have? What will need to be true in the future if people are to choose to stay and help communities be resilient and adaptive? What are the things that really matter?


Develop a new framework for decision making that recognizes city planning is first and foremost a social and political problem – not a design problem.